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Nazi’s DNA Test Comes Back Negative For “Master Race Markers”

Nazi ideology is being put at risk, not by activists, but instead by science. In a study by the University of New Hampshire, Dr Jessica Ombolo is throwing real doubt that the Nazis have any relationship
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rebel August 21, 2017 17643 comments

White Privilege Rejected By Heaven As Means of Entry

Special privilege for white people has been confirmed to ‘have limits’, after a spokesperson for Heaven has stated that ‘being white will not get you into heaven.’   The comment has caught many by surprise, as
rebel August 21, 2017 7581 comments

Baby Boomers Request Delay in World War III and Climate Change For “Perfect Run”

Baby Boomers may well be the ‘luckiest generation in all of history,’ but now they are disgruntled about the possibility that they may have some misfortune.   This has been noted by a huge rise in
rebel August 21, 2017 7108 comments

Circular Argument Halts Heated Clash

A heated clash in the US this week lost some steam as both sides became ‘confused’ over a circular argument. The situation came about as Nazis took to the street to protest over their right to
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Under 10s Protest The Playing Outside With Ball Mentality of ‘Lazy Parents’

The ongoing discussion over the health of today’s youth has heated up. The backlash over whether kids these days spend too much time inside instead of playing outside coming from the chubby youngesters themselves.   One
rebel August 20, 2017 6929 comments

Republicans Deny Gravity in Mass ‘Accidental’ Suicide

The Climate Change debate in the US has taken another surprising turn. Fourteen Congressmen have thrown themselves off the roof of the House in a bold attempt to show that gravity is ‘Yet another liberal myth.’
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